Daily Mail reports:
The 1,000th transplant involving living kidney swap donors will take place this week.

The NHS runs a sharing scheme where people can donate a kidney in return for one for their friend or family member in need.

The scheme was set up in 2007 because people on the kidney transplant list had friends and family who wanted to donate their organ but were not a good match by blood group or tissue.

Now, if a patient enters the sharing scheme with their friend or family member, the pair could be matched with another couple in the scheme so that each recipient receives a kidney from the other’s friend or family member.

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2 Responses to “1,000th non-directed kidney donation”

  • Matthew Clements:

    I think, Di, that you should receive some credit here for being one of the first people (or the very first person?) in the UK to be an altruistic donor, and you have been an advocate for it ever since.

    I admire anyone who is an altruistic donor, even more than other donors. Five years after donating to my brother, I meet him every few months and each time is a reminder to me that he truly has his life back, and I can see the evidence of it! But you don’t even know if your recipient is still alive, far less see him enjoying life with his family.

    So thank you Di, and all other altruistic donors for your courage in doing it. God bless

  • Diane:

    Aww Matthew, those are such lovely comments. Thank you. I was No. 35 donor :).

    I have always felt donating to someone you know is much harder than donating to a stranger – because you have an emotional tie. There must always be the worry of “what if I don’t pass the evaluation” etc

    I so thank you for your comments though, it is good to know this website and the support I offer is also appreciated. Make it all worthwhile.

    Glad your brother is still doing well. It really must be a wonderful feeling, seeing him so well and knowing you .

    That is true, I don’t know who my recipient is or how they are. It has been 9.5 years now and I include him and his family in my prayers each night.

    Thank you.

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