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Having donated a kidney to a stranger, even though was a while ago, word got around and I was asked by a newspaper to do an article. The article was going to appear regardless of whether I participated or not, so with the hospitals permission, I did and was also allowed to disclose which hospital it was at.  So I would now like to publicly thank so much all the medical and non medical staff in the Living Donor Programme at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. They are truly amazing and wonderful people. It has been an honour and privilege to have got to know them and to have been part of the team that enabled this donation to successfully go ahead. I have nothing but praise for everyone there. Over a long period of time I got to see them at work – speaking with the patients and of course evaluating me for the kidney donation.  There was always a smile and a cheery face, no matter how tired any of them were. People were made to feel welcome and I certainly felt relaxed and comfortable during all my visits there.

I am getting the praise for donating a kidney, but without the excellent and dedicated team at the Churchill Hospital, my wish to do this would not have been possible.  They have dedicated their lives to helping people and watching them at work, it is all too obvious just how much they really do care about their patients and the work they do.

I have nothing but admiration for them all and my thanks goes out to each and every person working there. There were also  many people that worked behind the scenes, both medical and non-medical, that I never got to meet. To them I also give my deepest thanks.

It takes a team of people to make this kidney donation happen and the Churchill Hospital have an absolutely fantastic team.  I know I have come away from this experience with memories I will cherish. My life has also been enriched by numerous people I came across – patients as well as hospital staff.

Thank you everyone involved in the donation, I will never forget any of you. We are so lucky to have people like you in this world. I have nothing but praise for you all and for the NHS.

With many thanks
~ Di Franks ~