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Altruistic donation was only legalised in the UK in late 2006. Initially no one came forward. Then, in 2007-08, 10 people did so. That rose to 15 the next year, then to 23, then to 40 in 2010-11.

Latest statistics show there have been 88 volunteers who have ranged from those in their mid-20s to people in their mid-70s, with an average age of 52. Slightly more men than women do it. Quite a few of them are doctors or nurses, often retired.

I think it so wonderful that altrustic donation is on the rise so much in the UK. When I went for my evaluation in Feb 2009 only 32 people had donated so far. Now it is 88 in total (probably more now). This year should see it reach 100?

I know two people who are virtually at the point of getting approval and one who is donating soon.

Anyone thinking of donating, whether to someone you know or to a stranger, then read my blog so you understand the donor process a bit more, do some research and if possible get to speak to donors. I just know that if I could, I would not hesitate to donate again. I was not expecting or wanting to get anything out of donating, but I did. Each time I think of the recipient, I get a wonderful warm feeling inside me knowing there is a family out there who now has a second chance at life. I have no regrets at all about donating and if I can give support to anyone else donating, then I will.