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2 years since I donated my kidney. Went for annual check up (free for life) and here is the report.

We were very pleased to know that this lady is doing well two years following her altruistic donation of one of her kidneys. Her renal function remains good with a creatinine of 87 and a GFR of 61. This is in fact as good as her renal function prior to donation. Her blood pressure is good at 112/76. Her urine dipstick did not show any evidence of proteinuria. I have sent off a urine ACR for completeness today. This lady remains an active campaigner for kidney donation and we again expressed our sincere appreciateion for all her work. This lady will be back to see us again next year.
Well I am very pleased about that. You read so much about the levels remaining low for many years due to only having one kidney but mine are as good as before I donated just 2 years ago.
Bearing in mind I am 60 years old next week, I am really pleased with those results.