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Publicity was given about the USA organisation Matching Donors bringing their system to the uk. Paul Dooley from the organisation was quoted as saying

The old system of ‘Give us your organ, we’ll decide where it goes’ no longer works. We have the ability to take our system to the UK and save their lives.”

Since the first non-directed altruistic donor was approved in 2007, the HTA have approved in total 160 donors as of September 2012, 33 of those in the first half of this year alone.  There are also many potential donors being worked up at the moment with 30 at one transplant unit alone.

It is very clear that our [UK] system not only works but is increasing greatly year after year. I contacted Matching Donors and asked if they would answer some questions regarding their system and how it affects people in the UK. They readily agreed to do this.

Several people had already asked me questions about the organisation so I put a list together of questions. These questions were relating to how their organisation was run; what they offered members in the UK for the $595 membership fee and what support members and potential donors got once they had joined. These questions I sent to Matching Donors on 8th September, and await their reply.

Living Kidney Donation is very keen to work alongside Matching Donors to ensure the wellbeing of UK members.