So far since altruistic donations started over 250 donations have been made. That is amazing.

In the UK between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2013:

  • 4,212 organ transplants were carried out, thanks to the generosity of 2,313 donors.
  • 1,160 lives were saved in the UK through a heart, lung, liver or combined heart/lungs, liver/kidney or liver/pancreas transplant.
  • 3,052 patients’ lives were dramatically improved by a kidney or pancreas transplant, 166 of whom received a combined kidney/pancreas transplant.
  • A further 3,697 people had their sight restored through a cornea transplant.
  • A record number of 749 kidney transplants from donors after circulatory death took place and accounted for one in four of all kidney transplants.
  • 1,068 living donor kidney transplants were carried out accounting for more than a third of all kidney transplants. ‘Non-directed’ living donor transplants (also known as altruistic donor transplants) and paired and pooled donations contributed more than 130 kidney transplants between them.
  • Almost 1,012,000 more people pledged to help others after their death by registering their wishes on the NHS Organ Donor Register, bringing the total to 19,532,806 (March 2013).



7 Responses to “Altruistic Kidney Donation Statistics”

  • Gill:

    Hi Diane,
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your information on this site. It has been very helpful and has put my mind at rest especially about the actual operation.
    I am coming close to the end of my assessments, just the final CT scan to go, I am donating to a friend.
    Just wanted to ask you about life after your donation? Have you been able to do everything physically you were able to do pre op? Am quite fit & enjoying going to the gym, so a little worried I may not be able to do everything as before?
    I know for the first few months I will need to take things easy but what after the first year? Is everything been ok for you?
    Regards Gill

  • Diane:

    Hi Gill,
    Thank you for your kind comments, am so pleased this site has been of help to you 🙂

    Life after donation …. brilliant!!

    There has not been anything I have not been able to do. In fact I sometimes wonder whether they actually took a kidney out as I have not noticed any difference at all 🙂

    You will certainly be able to go to the gym and do whatever you used to before. All I will say is that if you did any contact sports i.e. rugby or horse riding perhaps where you could get a kick or injury to the remaining kidney, then wear a protective belt when you do those things. Otherwise you just live your life as you would normally.

    We are each different in our recovery so hard to say at what stage you can start say doing your easier gym stuff except it will be well before a year!! The retired racing jockey – Richard Pitman did a charity horse race about 2 months after his operation … so ?? Assuming your recovery goes as planned, then you will be back to doing normal things much quicker than you thought. Your hospital will ask you back for a check up maybe around 6 weeks after the operation – so that will be a chance to discuss with them what you can do as you will have a much better idea of your physical recovery then.

    Hope that helps.

  • Gill:

    Hi Diane

    That’s a great help thank you!

    It’s good to get information from someone who has already been through the process.

    If I need any further information, I will pester you again…. Lol : )

    Many thanks again
    Gill x

  • Pam:

    Hi Gill
    Congratulations on your decision to become an altruistic kidney donor to your friend,
    I donated my right kidney in the latter part of last year and couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to return to all my normal activities post-op. I had very little pain and was able to go back to work about 5 weeks later and resumed gentle exercise at the gym and other sporting activities about 6 weeks after the op. Now, several months later, I have to look at my scar to remind myself that I actually did donate one of my kidneys! Physically, I feel exactly the same as I did before donation, but emotionally I feel so much more enriched by the experience, knowing that I have helped to improve the life of someone whose future would otherwise have been pretty bleak. It was the best thing I have ever done or will ever do. Good luck with everything.

  • Gill:

    Hi Pam

    Thank you for your response, that’s wonderful to know how well everything went for you with your donation!
    It has certainly taken away what little doubt I had about my recover and ability to get back to the gym!
    I appreciate we are all different & healing times will differ, but your comments have certainly put my mind at rest.
    I hope you continue to have a happy healthy life…..
    Gill x

  • Maddy:

    Hi….Its a massive help to read this site. I am nearing the end of my barrage of tests to assess suitability to become a donor. I am (fingers crossed) hoping for the all clear.
    I dip in and out of this site on a regular basis and it always answers any query or concern i may have…someone has asked or someone has answered without knowing the question. Its good to know I can go to the gym so soon…just think i should go before too lol
    For all that is discussed I thank you all.
    :-). Wish me and more importantly whoever receives my kidney lots of luck.

    Maddy xx

  • Diane:

    Hi Maddy,
    Playing the waiting game is no fun is it 🙂 hopefully you will hear from them soon. Having got this far, am sure all will be just fine.

    Thank you so much for keep visiting this site. It really makes me feel good that people are helped by the info. You can always ask a question direct if you wish … just use the contact form (link top right of this page).

    Yes, good luck to you both 🙂 exciting time ahead.
    All the very best

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