Altruistic Kidney Donor Stats – 2007 – end 2014

For year end April

2007 – 2008 = 6 donors
2008 – 2009 = 15 donors
2009 – 2010 = 15 donors
2010 – 2011  = 28 donors
2011 – 2012  = 34 donors
2012 – 2013  = 76 donors
2013 – 2014  = 118 donors
April 2014 – Dec 2014  = 77 donors

TOTAL: As at end December 2014
there had been 369 altruistic kidney donors.

Each year the numbers increase considerably. I am so excited by the number of people who are now donating.

Let’s hope we continue to see this increase in donors each year.



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  • Janey:

    Is this just in the UK? At the recent kidney transplant info night I was told that only once every 2-3 years does an altruistic donor come forward. So even if it were 1 per state and territory it still wouldn’t be near 10 per year. You Brits must be more giving than us 🙂

  • Diane:

    Yes this is just in the UK. Altruistic/non-directed donation was only possible at the end of 2006. It was always legal, but no framework had been set up to evaluate those wanting to donate to strangers. This came about end 2006 with the first donation in 2007. I wanted to donate at the start of 2006 but could not. In the end I started evaluation in 2009 and donated 2010. I was the first at my hospital as a non-directed donor, though of course many directed donors had preceded me.

    So in the first three year over 30 people had donated. Since then, various radio and TV programmes have inspired others to donate. Also we have had some famous people donate – Richard Pitman an ex jockey and broadcaster. He still gives talks to encourage other donors. Nicolas Evans, the author of Horse Whisperer, actually received a kidney from his daughter – so knows the importance of living donation. He has campaigned for living donation – directed and non directed.

    So as publicity has increased so has the number of donors. Hospitals have noticed a big increase in people coming forward after a programme has been in the media. We also have periodic TV programmes on people waiting for an organ transplant. Not necessarily kidney, but that often gets covered as well.

    The more publcity a country can give for living donation, especially stories from past donors – the more others will get inspired.

    I feel chuffed that I know of at least 8 people, who having listened to my radio programme and seen me in a couple of TV programmes were so inspired they went on to donate themselves.

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