20 Potential Altruistic Kidney Donors

In the last week or so around 20 people have approached me asking about donating their kidney to a stranger.


That is just so fantastic. They all were quite serious in wanting to do this having read recently all the publicity surrounding altruistic donation.  Most had already done some research and were eager for more.

If just one of those 20 ended up donating that would still be one person off dialysis and going back to having a normal life and enjoying all thing things that we take for granted.

To those 20 people and to all future potential altruistic donors – Thank you so much for wanting to help someone by giving them the greatest gift you could ever give them – their life back.

Anyone wanting to know more about becoming an altruistic donor, then please check out the links running down the left side of this page, from the top. It will tell you, from the donor perspective, about the evaluation tests, operation and recovery of being an altruistic donor.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to ask more questions or simply want some support while going through the donation process. It is sometimes just great to be able to talk to someone who has been through the same thing.

Again to those 20 people and to everyone – the world over – who has donated or looking into donating a kidney – whether to a stranger or someone they know – a big huge Thank You!!

Di Franks


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  • G.P.A:

    Hello Di,
    I applaud all the work you do. I heard you on Radio Berkshire few days ago, you get around don’t you. You are such a bubbly person it is a delight to listen to you. Another famous “Charles and Di”, that was a hoot. How many people do you think have passed your way since you started this website? Quite a few I would think. I know you helped my wife so much when I was donating and she got distressed. You helped us both so much. You were our rock! Who is your rock, Di? you spend so much time helping others there must be times when you need help. If ever I can be of help to you, or my wife can, in any way at all. You only have to ask and the answer will be yes. We were truly Blessed when you answered our call for help.
    With our deepest gratitude and forever your friends.
    Graham and Helen

  • Diane:

    Graham, how wonderful to hear from you on my website. How did you listen to Berkshire radio? You are too far away to get that. Thank you for your offer of help should I need it, you never know may well take you up on that one day! It was a pleasure to speak with you and Helen, it really was, I enjoyed our conversations especially as Helen and I had so much in common. I was saying to her the other week we must meet up one day, unless of course our non stop chatter would drive you to total insanity! hahah!

    Thank you for your kind words, I really do appreciate them. I can’t give away another kidney so to me the next best thing is to help other people who do, and I have made some wonderful friends along the way.

    All the best – and keep on scrabbling! lol ..

  • Natasha:

    Why is there not a sort of ‘register’ thing with a list of the names of the 93 altruistic donors……
    Like for example it say your name then what year you donated and maybe your age when donated…..
    Just a suggestion.

  • Diane:

    Hi Natasha,
    I am sure the NHSBT do have such a list, they have a list of all living donors, whether altruistic or not and all their detais. Such a list though could not be made public because of patient confidentiality.

    It is though made public how many each year donate – just not their personal information. I would think any personal information would be classed as maybe going against the data protection unless the donor gives permission but then not all donors would.

    All the best

  • Natasha:

    Just a thought, in USA there is a list, of course you can choose not to have your name on there.

  • Diane:

    Well a lot of things get done differently in the USA when it comes to altruistic donation. Not sure what would be gained by having a list except the people on the list would get a pat on the back, and that is not what altruistic donation is all about really. If people get left off the list, then can’t see what purpose it would serve except glory for the donor, lol …. I think any donor who does not mind going public has already. I have to say I did not want my name to be made public but then a reporter got hold of the story and just turned up at my door. I was furious. He was going to print something whether I agreed or not. So only then did I decide that if something is goingto be said it would be in my own words. Otherwise my name would still be private or a psyuedoname (however you spell that, lol).

    We can easily find out how many people have donated and at which hospital by looking at the stats for donation.

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