Kidney donation – altruistic

February 3rd

My first appointment at the hospital to meet the surgeon and have some initial tests done. It was during the heavy snows we had but luckily once I had got a few miles out from home, the snow thinned and travelling wasn’t a problem.

There had been some mix up with the appointments and I was in the book for 30 minutes after the time in the appointments letter. The hospital was also  running 1.5 hours late and I had arrived 30 minutes early!! No matter, it gave me time to read up on literature there and just watch and listen as to what was going on in the reception area. I was struck by the assortment of people there that had kidney problems … young, old, mothers, fathers, youngsters … it was a reminder than anyone, any age can be seriously ill and need help. I had time sitting there to think about the struggles some people have  to try and lead a normal life. It made me realise I have been very lucky in life as regards my health. Whatever I have had wrong with me has easily been treated. Not so for thousands of people. I am so glad I made this decision to donate.  Sometimes being kept waiting for an appointment has its advantages as in this case – it opened my eyes even wider.

I saw the surgeon first, very nice guy. Very friendly, smiley face and good sense of humour. I immediately felt relaxed in his company.

He made sure I knew exactly what it was I was offering to do and explained that a Doctor would be assigned to me to look after my interests.  I would go through a very thorough medical assessment.  I would also have a psychologist and psychiatric report made. The whole team needs to know that I fully understand what I will be doing. That I understand the procedure and what could go wrong etc etc.  Once I pass the medical tests and the psychiatric report, the details are then sent for approval. If I am approved as a suitable kidney donor, then I will be put on the database and once a suitable recipient is found, arrangements will be made for the transplant.  The evaluation process can be between 3 and 6 months, but they anticipate that once accepted it will be a very short time before they locate a suitable match.  

They would remove my kidney in this hospital and then safely transport it to whichever hospital the recipient is in.

The surgeon asked me about my medical history and my families. We have all been clear of major illnesses that might affect the donation.   The only down side was that I am overweight. I thought that might get mentioned!  lol ! I was weighed and although my BMI (Body Mass Index) was just within the acceptable limit, the surgeon did advise I try to lose some weight.  My current weight would not hold up the operation, but if I could lose some then that would assist the  surgery and also my recovery afterwards.

I then saw one of the transplant nurses. She asked more questions re medical history etc and then organised some  tests:

Blood pressure
Blood taken for tests (about 8 tubes used)
Heart Trace
Chest X-ray.

  It was also explained to me that during the very strict and thorough evaluation process, at any stage they could find out I am not suitable as a donor, so I also have to prepare myself for the disappointment of not being able to help someone.

My biggest worry at the moment is losing weight. I have an under active thyroid which piled the weight on a few years ago and losing it  is extremely hard – I never used to have a problem with being able to control my weight, but now it is a real battle.  

Please Pray that I pass the evaluation process with flying colours.

My next appointment is April 17th when I see the doctor … regarding what exactly not too sure, will have to wait and see.


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  • Saima:

    Hey Diane.. You are a wonderful soul dear.. My elder sister is on dialysis since 4 years.. No one in our family is willing to donate kidney to my sister, we are only two sisters, we live in Pakistan, here it is unlawful to donate organs outside the family.. There are few hospitals offering kidney transplantations, but they charge too much and we can’t afford that ? so i decided to donate my kidney to my sister.. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2013.. I am always tired and sleepy.. Thanks to hypothyroidism.. Still i want to donate kidney to my sister because it’s really painful to see her in pain but she is scared to take kidney from me, she says that i am thyroid patient and she don’t want to take any risk.. I don’t know what to do.. I am overweight always struggling with my weight.. Need prayer and suggestions that how can i convince my sister.. Your kidney donation story has inspired me.. Love from Pakistan ?

  • Diane:

    Hello Saima
    Thank you for posting your story. I am sorry for your sister, I know how devastating it can be for her and the whole family to suffer from failing kidneys.

    All I can suggest is you tell your sister you have read about someone, who also had hypothyroidism, and donated a kidney i.e. me.

    It is hard for people to accept a kidney from a living relative. Just continue to show her your love and your passion for wanting to help her and to see her living a normal life again.

    I have no other advice to offer I am afraid.

    I will Pray for you both.

    With thoughts and Blessings,

  • Juli:

    Hi All

    I thought I would. Update you since last time we talked in July Things are looking very positive . I have had my tissue typing & crossmatch and more bloods & meetings with transplant nurse . I have an all in one appointment next week for scans and meetings with DrRoe . Once this is done & I’ve no doubt results will be fine , I will be transferred to Freemans hospital to meet with surgeons with my husband .So realistically we believe surgery could be not too many months away. My husband is still working although only 11% of his kidney function working and is not get on dialysis however we know it’s just round the corner. The best Xmas present for us is the operation. Have a lovely Xmas everyone

  • Diane:

    I am so pleased to read this !! The end is in sight now for you both. Once all the tests are concluded then you will just have the Independant Assessor to see … then it hopefully should all happen quickly for you both.

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed … please keep doing that. I often think of people who have posted and wonder how they are getting on.

    All the best to you both … 2017 is going to be a grand year 🙂 🙂


  • Saima:

    Wow good to hear that juli.. Best wishes for you and your husband.. God bless you both.. Amen ?

  • Juli:


    I have an update from July 2016 when I first posted about my intention to donate my kidney to my husband , well I’ve been discharged From hospital a week ago after the transplant went ahead . Early days but all is well , kidney is now working overtime and producing lots of urine for my hubby , so they’re just waiting for it to calm down a little bit before discharging my hubby too. All of the tests are really really positive , Must say really looking forward to getting him home and starting our next journey of Recouperation together X

  • Diane:

    Hi Juli,
    Oh how wonderful!! I am over the moon for you both.

    So glad the tests are good. Oh I bet you cannot wait for him to come home. you can both recouperate together 🙂 …..

    How are you? You feel okay? Are you getting tired a lot or not too bad?

    I am so happy for you both and with you all the very best xx

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