UK – Would you like to take part in a documentary? I was contacted by Fiona Hill a producer for the BBC Science Unit. A documentary is being made about altruistic donation and in particular looking for recipients via social media such as Facebook. This is the message she has asked me to post. All communication is confidential and contacting Fiona by no way commits you to taking part in the documentary.
Fiona is a lovely lady, very easy to communicate with and she looks forward to receiving emails from anyone who might be interested or would like to know more.

Fiona Hill a producer for the BBC Science Unit is making a documentary about altruistic living organ donation for BBC Radio 4 and she would love to hear from you.

Talking to her doesn’t mean you have to be in the programme, but she really wants to hear from those of you who have used social media (or are planning now to launch a campaign) to appeal for an organ donor.

She would also very much like to talk to people who have in the past donated an organ to a complete stranger, inspired by appeals they have seen on social media, or perhaps somebody who is currently going through the process of offering to donate an organ to somebody in need.

You could contact Fiona by e mail at and she is very happy if you would like the conversation to remain confidential.


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