I donated one of my kidneys to a stranger at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

The lead Living Donor Co-Ordinator is a wonderful lady called Sandra Dix. One word comes to mind when describing her and the whole team – AMAZING.

Here is a news article on Sandra and her dedication.  She is not alone in her dedication, as transplant teams across the country also have very dedicated teams looking after donors/recipients. Lead Nurse Sandra Dix

Please consider giving the “gift of life” and donating a kidney to someone. Either someone you know, or a stranger.  It is a gift you will never regret giving. I just wish I could give that gift again. Well actually hopefully I can after my death. My remaining kidney could go on to save someone. So it is equally important to sign the organ donor register.  Make that a gift this Xmas …. sign the register 🙂 – you can select which organs you would like to donate. Click here to be an organ donor

Thank you !


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