I have been contacted by Alex Brockman who is a researcher for a TV production company called “Twofour Broadcast”, on a returning series presented by Davina McCall called ‘This Time Next Year’, and they are looking for applicants to share their story. Although the request is for me to circulate amongst potential kidney donors/recipients in my organisation, really any inspiring story that is a life changing episode in someone’s life would be worth their consideration. There is a link towards the end with a clip of series 1 etc.

“The show is based on people making a pledge to the nation of something they would like to achieve by this time next year. We hope to follow people’s journeys throughout the year to see them making progress and hopefully fulfilling their goal and ambition. We would like to cover a whole range of subject matters, featuring inspirational people at the start of life-changing transformations, and in turn inspire others watching who may be in a similar situation to attempt to overcome obstacles and achieve their own goals.

As we were hoping to include some more pledges about people’s lives being transformed due to amazing treatment/surgeries. We are looking for people hoping to find a donor, or family members planning on donating a kidney to a loved one in need.

Here is a link to a press release on stories from series 1, and a short clip: ”

If you feel you may want to be on the programme please contact Alex …..
0207 427 8436

The closing date for applications is 5th May with selection/filming shortly after. Sooner one applies though the better. This is ONLY for UK residents.


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