If you want to know what is involved in donating a kidney to a stranger then check out the links on the left of this page under “become a donor”. Gives you step by step description of the evaluation process, the operation recovery in hospital and recovery at home. I say it as it s and don’t gloss over anything.

If you feel you would like to donate, then please contact your local Transplant Center to discuss with them. I will help / support anyone through this. It is good to be able to chat to someone who has been through the donation process and know they understand how you are feeling.

Di Franks



2 Responses to “Donate a kidney to a stranger – here is how you do it”

  • Tracy M:

    I am considering being a living donor for someone but my husband is against it. I don’t know what to do. I just got the paperwork sent to me. Help.


  • Diane:

    Hi Tracy,
    It is very difficult for the people close to you to understand why you want to do this and to accept that you are prepared to put yourself through elective surgery with its associated risks. From a personal point of view I would not want to go ahead with this without my husbands support so really you need to get answers to his concerns. Not sure what “paperwork” you refer to, but could you make an appointment with the donor coordinator to bring your husband along so he can ask them directly his questions and put his concerns to them.

    The risks are small but they do exist so need to be considered carefully.

    Have yu read this blog yet? Ican be very long especially if you include reading all the comments as well (start left of page under “become a donor”. Often reading about donation can help get the words to explain to someone your thought process etc.

    If I can help in any way, then please either post again or contact me privately via the “contact” link top right of page. The only real advice I can give at the moment is don;t rush your husband, he needs time to take in and absorb fully what it is you want to do. Then he can begin to accept it and even though he may never fully “like” the idea of you doing this, would be there to support you.

    All the best

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