How can we encourage more organ donors.

I have said for a long while now, whether on the subject of politics, carbon emissions, rain forest protection, birth control, fair to farmers prices, organ donation ……. no matter what the subject, the FUTURE of our whole world – is in the hands of the children of TODAY and tomorrow and the day after that.

What we teach our children today will have a huge bearing on the future. Somewhere out there, is a 10 year old, 11 year old, 2 month old etc etc who one day will be our Prime Minister, Minister of Health, of Transport – of whatever – our teachers, doctors, solicitors; our general work force – our future!  The same applies to any country.

We are the guardians of our children. It is up to us as parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, politicians … as adults – to educate our children in all aspects of what will benefit in the long term as well as short term.

Organ donation numbers may be low now … but …. if we EDUCATE our children better so they grow up knowing the importance of organ donation, including living donation, and grow up with no fear, no myths – but the true facts – we will gradually see the organ donation numbers rise as those children not only grow up, but they EDUCATE their parents and relatives.

It is amazing how well children can be teachers themselves. They are the very people who can educate adults in this subject, much better than we can at times.

It saddens me, that governments do so little to plan for the future. Every school should have a compulsory subject to educate children on what really matters in this world – and organ donation REALLY matters.

In 2011 I was invited by St. Gregory’s Catholic College in the City of Bath to talk to the classes organ donation – in particular my own donation. One of the members of staff who accompanied me told me afterwards they had never seen the classes so enthralled or attentive. They really were interested in the subject. They had many, very sensible and interesting questions to ask me. It really opened their minds to organ donation.

Why cannot this be a standard lesson in schools.

Sorry for this long post, but I feel so passionate about educating our children re organ donation, including live organ donation, and it frustrates me so much that not much is being done about it.

But perhaps all you can help. Anyone with any knowledge of organ donation, whether you have donated; are waiting for a transplant; etc etc …. see if you can give a talk to your childs class at school. Maybe get a few people together who can talk from all sides .. donor, recipient, family member of ……

Our children today – are the adults of our future. The leaders of our future. They need to be shown now – what is really important.


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  • Janey:

    That would be a great topic for kids health classes!

    I’d also like to add community service, responsible animal care, household finance management, sustainability, and personal law, to the list of school subjects.

    Can you just imagine the kids going home and talking to their parents about it? Would be a good conversation starter!

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