30th June

Met with the psychologist today, a very nice lady, felt immediately comfortable chatting with her.  She needed to know that I fully understood the risks involved and that I was not under any pressure to go through with this. Also that I was aware of the mixed emotions that I may go through.

She asked why I wanted to donate to a stranger.  Various personal experiences over the years I know have contributed towards the way I feel about other people.   We had a long chat about certain aspects of my life that I believe have influenced me over the years and made me the person I am today. Certainly my faith in God has played a large part over the years. 

Several questions were asked to make sure I wasn’t feeling pressured into doing this.  She made it clear that if I ever felt the need to chat to anyone about any aspect of this, either during the evaluation or after, then she is just a phone call away as are other members of the Living Donor Unit. 

It was explained to me that after the operation some people can feel a bit down and “neglected” and suddenly after the months of evaluations and attention, it is all over.  I could also feel a bit depressed as an after effect of the operation.  I have always been able to cope with those feelings quite well in the past.  I don’t think I would feel  a bit down becuase it was all over and no more attention. I could very well feel rather down because I cannot share in the joy of the recipient except in my imagination, but then I knew that right from the start.

I also have to understand that the transplant may not be successful and was I prepared for that. 

I was told that anything I said was confidential and although the assessment would be based on what was said,  if I didn’t want any of the information to be put into the report then that was fine.


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