This is a research project for the United Kingdom only

Many people who contact hospitals because they are interested in donating a kidney altruistically (i.e. to a person that they do not know) do not end up completing their donation.

The University of Plymouth is undertaking research, led by Clinical Psychologist Dr Alexis Clarke, aiming for a better understanding as to why this is, by focusing on the influence of family and friends.

They are looking for altruistic donors or potential kidney donors, and those who have decided not to proceed, to participate in an interview-based study. They would also like to speak with any family members or friends who had a significant influence over their decision to donate or withdraw.

They hope the results will have a direct impact on the assessment and care of future altruistic donors. They would like to produce written information that targets family members’ concerns directly.

The interviews will take around one hour, after which interviewees will be sent a summary to comment upon. Participation is entirely voluntary.

This project is being funded by the British Renal Society and British Kidney Patients Association and fully supported by Give a Kidney.

Please contact Alexis Clarke, Clinical Psychologist for more information, on or by telephone 07940729500. Alternatively you can write to University of Plymouth, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, Rolle Building, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, Pl4 8AA.

Please help to support this important project.


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