This is a page for other people’s blogs including “tribute” pages and stories of donors or recipients.

David Meekin *new* [updated summer 2018] – Kidney donor. This is David’s Story

Lyndsay Massey  – donated to a stranger – this is Lyndsay’s story

Karen Brown (updated April 2015 ) – Suddenly out of the blue Karen was told she only had 5% kidney function and would need a transplant. This is her story. Also her husband Matt tells us what life is like for him. Ella their 6 year old daughter drew a beautiful picture and wrote about her mummy.

Matthew’s story – Matthew’s account re donating one of his kidneys to his brother in 2013.

Sharon Walsh – was going to donate her kidney to her daughter’s friend’s mother. Unfortunately unexpected circumstances resulted in Sharon having to pull out from donating. A very difficult and emotional decision.

Dawn Pearce – donated to her brother, though not without its problems.

Carol Polizzi – Being overweight and high blood pressure, Carol decided to go on a diet. This diet would be the start of finding out just how ill she was. Tragically Carol passed away not long after having her transplant.

Nathanael Adams – Born with dysplastic kidneys he had a transplant as a toddler. That kidney lasted 17 years at which stage Nathanael had to go on dialysis and has now been waiting  9 years  for a transplant. This is his story.

Michael (UK altruistic donor) – donated a kidney to a stranger.

Holly Shaw  (UK recipient) – on dialysis for nearly four years then finally got her transplant.

Christian Brazier (UK altruistic Donor) – Christian donated his kidney altruistically. His post operation recovery did not go as smoothly as he and his family had hoped and Christian and his family still struggle to come to terms with the after effects of the donation.

Keith and Rebecca Farwell (Rebecca UK donor) – Keith unexpectedly died 2 months after receiving his wife’s kidney. Not all transplants are successful and I believe we need to know both sides – the successes and the tragic losses.  As a tribute to Keith, Rebecca has written their “story”. To me it is a beautiful love story that so tragically ended well before its time.

Judy Ladd  (USA carer) – looked after her husband who was on dialysis and who recently had a heart attack. (since this story was written sadly Judy’s husband died before getting a transplant)

Kamal Shah (India: 14 years on dialysis) – is on dialysis. His first transplant failed due to complications that may prevent him ever having another transplant. His years on dialysis have certainly had their ups and downs. He is a very positive person and he does not let dialysis rule his life.


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  • Lorraine:

    Hi all,

    I was a living donor for my brother in January 2004. No problems with the operation or my health since. The difference it has made to my brother is amazing. He now takes part in the transplant Games in the UK every year, where he has won many gold medals. he also competed in the World games in Australia and Bangkok. We always have great fun at the games, and seeing the difference transplants have made to these peoples lifes is amazing. Would do it all again tomorrow if it was possible.

  • Diane:

    That is so wonderful. Your brother sounds a great sports person. Just goes to show how healthy people are after transplants, how well they can work. Great you were able to donate, family are not always compatible. I expect you look back at times as to how your brother was before the transplant and now to see how he is now must seem like a miracle. Good luck to you both and keep those Golds coming in!! What an inspiration you both are.

    Thank you for telling us about your brother and yourself. I so love reading these stories and they do truly inspire people.

    All the best

  • karen Gear:

    Donated a kidney to my husband in 2009. It has made no difference to my lifestyle. In fact I know I am healthy due to pre op healthchecks and further follow ups. Unable to put into words how it feels to give someone back their life. It not only saved his life but gave my sons their father and my grand daughters their grandfather.
    Would do this again without hesitation if I had another one spare!!

  • Diane:

    Hi Karen,
    Thank you so much for posting, it is comments like yours that help to inspire other people to donate.

    You mention one important “bonus” if you like with donating – that is not only is the recipient able to lead a normal life again but they are given back to their family. People who do not know too much about living donation do not often consider the family of the person needing the kidney and how it affects them as well – the whole family benefits, but especially the recipient.

    I think most donors would agree with you that if we could, we would do it again.

    All the best

  • Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share my story. We are from the UK and my mum was diagnosed with end stage renal failure last year due to developing a hereditary kidney disease passed on by her mother and grandfather. Having a familial disease means that me and my brother and our other family members are unable to donate. So annoying, as I wish I could have done this for her. After having several tests, the transplant team informed me that it is possible that I may be in the same position as my mum later on in life and so they are not happy to take the risk of using me as a donor. To say I was devastated is an understatement.

    My mum is a predialysis patient, which means that finding her a donor soon is imperative, it would mean she wouldn’t have to endure the debilitating treatment and recipients who are transplanted prior to dialysis have better long-term transplant survival. Plus as you will all probably know, the survival of transplants from living donors is significantly better, than from a deceased person and waiting for a deceased donor can take years.

    My mums blood type is A-negative, but any type would be fine – with the ‘paired donation matching scheme’ incompatible blood/tissue donors and recipients can be placed on the transplant list as a pair and can exchange kidneys with another incompatible pair.

    I know that creating a Facebook page for a living kidney donor is a rather unconventional approach, but it has proved successful in the past for other families, so I thought I would give it a go. If it means potentially saving my mums life and raising awareness of living kidney donation then it can’t be wrong. Before my mums diagnosis, I didn’t even know people could donate a kidney, I thought all transplants were done using the kidneys of deceased individuals, in cases of accidental death.

    I would appreciate any help and support from you guys, whether you’re interested in being a donor or you just want to pass this information on to your friends & family to increase awareness; it would all mean a lot. Please ‘like’ and share my Facebook page on your walls, twitters or websites (link below). I would be grateful for any support offered.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I thank everyone in advance for their efforts in helping us find a kidney donor for my mum.

    Best wishes



  • Pema:

    I am a living donor for my sister. I donated my kidney last year on June 15,2011. I have no health issues as such instead I feel that my skin has improved a lot, due to drinking three liters of water everyday for precaution. My life style has not changed a bit.My sister is doing fine now, at least away from that Peritoneal Dialysis, which hurt her a lot, for no known reason. we both have started working. I would like to mention that am very proud of what I did for my sister and hope my kidney work for her as long as possible..

  • Diane:

    You must be very proud of what you have done, and rightly so. Wonderful you could donate to your sister. I have found that donors health seems to improve in a lot of cases because I think we have all become aware of our own mortality and so take more notice of what we do, even if only drinking more water which aids all aspects of our body.

    Well done you and so glad your sister is doing well. Yes hopefully your kidney will last many many years.


  • Charlie:

    Hi – my name is Charlie, I’m donating a kidney to my 8 year old son in 2 months’ time. Would really like to share experiences with people in similar situation. I am in the UK and have just started a blog chronicling our family’s story (the ups and downs!). thanks.

  • brian Roberts senior:

    hello all my brothers and sisters kidney donors. even though I was a kidney donor myself you all are my heroes.. locally kidney donors. I’m doing interviews and putting together a documentary. I own a record label but my art form is video production.. that’s what I enjoy the most. someday I would like to include all of you and this documentary if you wish to tell your story. the main thing I want to do is be an advocate because. as we all know donating a kidney or and Oregon only hurts for just a few weeks. and we have a lifetime of satisfaction seeing are recipient live a full and healthy life. it changed my life for the better I don’t worry about small things anymore.. everybody comment on this tell me what you think

  • Diane:

    Hello Brian,
    Thank you for posting and well done for being a donor. Who did you donate to. you come from Oregon?

    Yes one does look at life differently after donating and after receiving.
    All the best

  • Colinus Allende:

    My name is Colinus Allende,I have been in the job of helping people with kidney problem and people that have suffered in terms trying to get a donor for them to have a kidney transplant.In the little island where i live and due to the poverty there, the people look for way to sell of there kidney to get huge cash for survival and this people are very healthy. I am an agent, so if you need a healthy kidney you can contact me .

  • Diane:

    Hello colinus,
    Selling or buying a kidney in the UK and many other countries is illegal and as such we cannot help you in this. Also it is not possible for you to say tne people are healthy as only a full medical exam by a transplant specialist can actually say who is or is not healthy enough to give a kidney. It is not just about the health of the kidney for the recipient. But the donor’s health also tht they can survive the operation and live without problems afterwards.

  • rita healther:

    my name is rita, my gran mum almost died of kidney failure, i came across Mr. xxxxxxxxxx online who help me out in search of kidney donor, in short time He brought a donor that survive my granni

  • Diane:

    I have edited your post to remove email addresses etc as using a broker to get you a kidney is illegal in this country and many other countries. It is interesting that for your own personal email address you give that of the person you advise people to go to. I am just wanting other people to know not to accept any offers from people who act as agents in procuring an organ for someone. The chances of something going wrong is high apart from it being illegal.

  • i want to sell my kidney
    A positive blood

  • Diane:

    Hello Sameer,
    I regret but it is illegal to sell any organ in the UK, USA and many other countries. We cannot help.

  • wayne:


    Need a 0+ kidney in UK if anyone would like to donate I will reward greatly for this my email is [email removed by admin]

  • Diane:

    Hello Wayne,
    Thank you for posting. Unfortunately in the UK it is not allowed to reward anyone for donating a kidney. Suggest you speak with your local transplant unit and ask to be put on the list for a donor.
    All the best

  • UBTH Hospital:

    We currently have a kidney donor who is willing to donate kidney, if you are interested kindly contact us.

  • Diane:

    UBTH Hospital, thank you for posting. How so very generous of the kidney donor to want to donate his/her kidney to the UK. I am overwhelmed by their generosity. Could you kindly contact our NHSBT so your kidney donor can make an appointment with them with a veiw to generously donating, for free, his/her kidney to the next person on our list who so desperately needs a kidney.

  • Candy Howard:

    I need to find a donor for my 29 year old nephew who is on dialysis. What is the best way to get the word out to as many people as possible? I have diabetes so they won’t use mine even though I don’t care about the risk to me.

  • Candy Howard:

    I forgot to say that we are in the USA

  • sharonrays:

    Very informative post.Thanks.

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