Dialysis is a process by which waste products, toxins and unwanted water are removed from the blood by artificial means.

People usually go on dialysis prior to getting a kidney transplant. They can be on dialysis for years.  I have been asked by some people why someone would even consider doing a Live Donation when the patient can have dialysis … believe me it is no picnic being on dialysis.  Read the blogs re Kamal Shah and Judy Ladd (links in sidebar). In the meantime the below information may help to give a small insight into the dialysis process.

There are two types of dialysis, both of which can be equally effective:

Haemodialysis – This form of dialysis removes waste products from the blood by passing it out of the body, through a filtering system (dialyser) and returning it, cleansed, to the body.

Peritoneal dialysis – this is where the blood is cleansed inside the body.

Which form of dialysis is used can depend on several factors and a discussion with the doctor will help make an informed decision. Sometimes, perhaps due to a medical condition, only one type is suitable.

Here are some links that give excellent information regarding dialysis

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The above links come from very informative websites, especially the Edinburgh Renal Unit one. Check out their other pages for even more information.


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