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Sorting out last minute hitches i.e. Heart ultrasound

I had to wait a few days before an appointment was given to me. Before I heard, I emailed my co-ordinator a couple of times, flapping around a bit with meaningless questions! lol … Finally the ultrasound department rang me with an appointment for 2 days before the operation. I emailed my co-ordinator to tell her, although I am sure she would have already been told. I also asked when we would get the results? Could I come straight over to her department and sit and wait for them? She responded saying she was not sure if they would give me the results straight away but she had given the anaesthetist my phone number so he could ring me asap once he heard.

The anaesthetist actually telephoned me that evening to put my mind at rest. He reassured me that there was nothing major wrong with my heart at all, that he was just a very very thorough person and wanted absolutely everything covered. I was not to worry. I very much appreciated not only his phone call which did put my mind totally at rest over this, but I very much appreciated him as well. I had 120%+ faith in the whole transplant team. If I was not, I would not be doing this. I was really more concerned for the recipient and how they would feel should the operation have to be postponed until this “wiggle” was sorted. It was the time scale I think that got me anxious. Had all this happened with plenty of time to spare, then it would have been just one more test I had to have. But only 2 days from the operation was not leaving much time to spare should any further tests be required.
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